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,but can not find drivers hi orell: You mean the nvidia-173 package? orell: You might want to ask in #nvidia or #ubuntu-server nooob: i have a logitech webcam that is plug and play in windows. how can i get the same thing to work in ubuntu neo1691, install cheese What will Ubuntu 14.10 be? I mean like the name of the version Treaver: 14.10 is the number. its just like the 10th LTS (long term support) after 15.04. oh I see haha Okay !14.10 | Treaver Treaver: Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) is the next development release of Ubuntu due for release in October 2014. Support in #ubuntu+1. For more info, see the announcement at Thanks, bazhang cfhowlett, i did but cheese didnt detect it. how can i install the drivers for it? cheese is not detecting it neo1691, so you installed cheese but not the drivers? cfhowlett, i tried that too neo1691, wait 1 Okay, so I have an odd problem with a disk, it was working fine, rebooted, did some updates, now it's all in a garbled mess. It's a 4GB usb stick. The drive light was blinking on/off constantly, and now I'm looking at it with fdisk -l and it says: # # Listing of partitions: #part1 1 1023 1023+ 82 linux swap / Solaris




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Enter E260u Usb Tv Stick Driver Download elldkenn

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