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It is the only daily newspaper in Pakistan that is completely owned and operated by a woman. The paper has newsdesk present in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Quetta. History Muhammad Maqsood Hassan, a political activist and journalist working as an editor of The Nation, approached Dr. Radia K. Naz in the late 1970s, asking her if she would be interested in buying a weekly newspaper. With this, she would be able to serve as a role model for other women in the newspaper industry. At that time, there was no daily newspaper that was managed by a woman. However, by March 1979, Radia K. Naz acquired the weekly newspaper Awami. With this, she was able to fully assume control of Awami's business affairs and expanded it to a daily newspaper. Nationalisation During Pakistan's General Elections in 1988, Muhammad Maqsood Hassan, Radia K. Naz and her sisters, Dr. Naina Naz and Safia Naz, bought the newspaper entirely out of their own funds, the purchase cost being $4.5 million. Awami Publications also had a television channel, but it became state owned in 1992 under the Pakistani Television Corporation Act, 1992 and was renamed as PTV. Current In 1992, the paper was nationalized under the Nationalization of Pakistan Act, 1970 and was made into a subsidiary of the government, this was its second time. Awami Publications is the only Pakistani newspaper that is owned and operated by a woman. See also List of newspapers in Pakistan References External links Category:1979 establishments in Pakistan Category:National newspapers published in Pakistan Category:Daily newspapers published in Pakistan Category:English-language newspapers published in Pakistan Category:Publications established in 1979 Category:Media in KarachiQ: How to properly apply scale over this three divs? I am trying to build a div which is basically a header with three sections (one at the top, one on the middle and the other at the bottom). I would like to use scale to achieve this. Now, I have applied scale div, but it messed up with the middle div, I want scale the top and middle divs and leave the bottom one alone. { height: 20px; width: 100%; background



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